A historic brand is revived

At the turn of the century, the twin brothers Carl and Anton Veltins managed the then, still small 'Grevensteiner Brewery' in the second generation. With the right hand and a lot of sensitivity, they created Grevensteiner beer which, up until 1926, was known and loved far beyond the region. Today, Brauerei C. & A. Veltins continues this history with 'Grevensteiner'.
Carl & Anton Veltins
In view of the upcoming anniversary of Grevenstein village in 2014, intensive and careful research was carried out in the archives of the Brauerei C. & A. Veltins. The intention was to gain a well-founded insight into the times. Now we know how the twin brothers Carl and Anton Veltins brewed a tasty country beer over 100 years ago. Grevensteiner gives the answer to this question: 'As a company with a 190-year history, we have drawn on these many years of experience to brew a palatable country beer that tasted like it did generations ago'.

Brewed with tradition

The beer which the second generation (the twin brothers Carl and Anton Veltins) brewed for the catering trade in the 1890s has been interpreted in a contemporary way. Employing traditional raw materials and the artisan brewing processes, historical malt varieties are used to produce Grevensteiner Landbier.
Grevensteiner Original

Back to the roots of the founder

Completely in the craft tradition of the twin brothers Carl and Anton Veltins at the beginning of the last century!

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